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Los Angeles based BLACKFALL is bursting on the musical scene with a sound unlike any you’ve ever heard. Earthy, tribal, and mystical, the talented 5 piece outfit perfectly balances the line between haunting darkness and powerful positivity. With their pounding, grooving percussion, dueling 12 string guitar leads, driving bass lines, and alluring, edgy vocals and harmonies, the band is poised to create a genre of music that will appeal to fans of all types of music. Drawing on the magical, eerie influences of the supernatural, BLACKFALL’s sound and message is also equally influenced by the personal experiences of each member of the band. Spirituality, passionate journeys, and fantasy all help shape the unique experience that is BLACKFALL.

Alexis Dunlap - Vocals/Guitar //
Randy Weitzel - Guitar //
Steve Marshall - Guitar //
Elaina Bangma - Bass //
Kent Diimmel - Percussion //

   Kent Diimmel Snare Drum Experience

Coming to a venue near you, Kent Diimmel has taken the time to personally customize a very limited amount of snare drums to include in a special meet and greet package. Meet Kent and join him onstage before the show for a photo, tour of the drum kit, and more! For more information and purchasing options, Click the button below!

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