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Kent Diimmel Adreanlize Drum Cam

Kent takes you behind the scenes and gives you an in depth look at the gear he uses every night for the 2017 Hellpop Tour

Kent Plays Sick Like Me live during the 2016 Hellpop and Return of the Dreads Tour

Kent Diimmel Audition - Sick Like Me

Kent Plays Black Wedding live during the 2017 Half God Half Devil Tour.

Kent Plays Big Bad Wolf live during the 2017 Half God Half Devil Tour.

Kent Diimmel Audition - Big Bad Wolf

Kent shows off some elegant hi-hat work on this studio clip of "Aurora"


In This Moment - The Purge

Acoustic supergroup Blackfall released their first music video "This Hell" with Kent Diimmel playing percussion.

"Man At The Wheel" is the first video from 3 By Designs newest EP " Enemy" with Kent on drums.

"Shatter" by 3 By Design is their newest music video with Kent Diimmel on the drums. 

Sample Compilatons


As a drummer in his original projects as well as a session player for many others, Kent has performed and recorded many albums nationally in the USA. 

3 By Design Compilation - Under The Surface EP

3 By Design Compilation - Enemy EP

Blackfall Compilation - Vol 1

Matt Noel Compilation 

Carolina Rebellion by Bob Forte
Kent holding up vater sticks
Kent Diimmel Goose Jeremy Saffer
Kent Diimmel Live In This Moment CA
Kent Diimmel Man At the Wheel
Kent Diimmel Vater Sticks at IAS
Kent Diimmel Man At The Wheel Car
Kent Diimmel Highway
Kent-Diimmel-Kurt Cobain
Kent Diimmel with In This Moment
Kent Diimmel Blue Ears
Kent Diimmel Soundcheck
Kent Diimmel Joker Jeremy Saffer
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