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Beneath The Paint

Beneath the Paint is an interactive learning experience combining high intensity drumming, music industry insight, and real world experiences into one fun event. In his clinic, Kent takes you step-by-step through his life from learning the drums, to playing small clubs for 20 people, and finally to getting "the gig" and performing in front of thousands!


Kent will give you insider information on playing, practice, and performance, as well as social media and marketing tips. He shares with you examples and other lessons learned along the way to assist you in your own journey. Whether your goal is to tour the world playing music, to be a session player, or just hoping to increase your skill level, there's something for everyone!

Drum Clinic Includes:

  • Personal Stories
  • Live Playing
  • Technical Demonstrations
  • Q&A Section
  • Meet and Greet
  • & Giveaways!

For Booking Information Click The Link Below

Want an event in your area?

Call your local music store and request a Kent Diimmel clinic.

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